Super Bowl 2015 Business Connect Vendor

When I was young, I always knew I wanted to become an Entrepreneur. While growing up in the West Oakland area, I played around with a lot of kids during the summer time. I noticed we were always thirsty. So then, I asked my mom to help me make a lemonade stand to sell fresh squeeze lemonade to all of the neighborhood kids. To my surprise, business was a success. Later, I started adding more treats to sell: candy, cookies and popcorn to name a few. It was a great feeling earning money at a young age while making people happy.

One day, my interest grew when I came across a lady on the sidewalk selling the most beautiful gift baskets I had ever seen. Instantly, I turned the car around and bought one. When I brought the gift basket home, I took it apart and tried to reassemble it. While it looked nothing like the original, my interest in the making of gift baskets was ignited.

My dream was born. I would be able to design and create the most beautiful gift baskets myself. In 2010, I started to pursue my vision to grow a business for all lifestyles where I would make people happy by providing both individual and corporate clients with exclusive and unique gift baskets, customized themed gifts, floral arrangements and balloon decors. I was fortunate to meet the same lady who sold me my first gift basket I had admired so much to graciously help and teach me the trade.

10 years later with a lot of hard work and a tenacious attitude towards marketing, New Gift Sensations boasts an impressive product range and is recognized as the best gift basket company in the Bay Area. I have to thank my mom who was my inspiration for my creativity today.

My Motto to this day remains: “If You Can Dream It, We Can Theme It”.